Community Sustainability

EMA Catalyzes Community Projects Around The World

Get Involved Wherever You Live!

Local Sustainability – Climate Action – Food Supply – Permaculture –  Mutual Aid 

Environmental Restoration – Community Care & Connection – Pandemic Response

The Eco-conscious Music Alliance is catalyzing a worldwide network of local Action Hubs to catalyze community change-making projects and become the change we want to see in the world!

Channeling the dynamic power of music into action, we are bringing forth regenerative solutions and exciting projects. 

Join us in this collective emergence of innovative transformation! We are growing positive change in ourselves, our local communities, and as a global family. Uniting together, we care for the people and the living Earth that we are all part of! 

EMA Action Hubs

The Eco-conscious Music Alliance helps people like you

grow community projects wherever you live.

EMA’s local Action Hubs bring people together to co-create community-serving projects for sustainability, community caring and positive change.

Bring your passion into action! What do you care deeply about, what is the change you’d absolutely love to make in your local community and the world? 

Step into the power and positivity of EMA’s Action Hubs, where we are coming together to take action to grow a thriving world for all! 

Grow community sustainability projects with local people! EMA supports communities all over in the world with extensive resources, education, project development tools, online platform, global connection, uplifting inspiration and more! 

EMA Action Hubs receive training and mentorship directly from EMA, as well as having access to classes on Community Sustainability Projects from our educational partner The Sustainable Living Guide.

Get involved where you live!

Online gatherings and in-person after the COVID pandemic. 

‘Physically distanced but socially connected!’ 

On-the-ground projects for positive change are happening now. 

EMA’s Monthly Global Action Concerts

Uniting in Music – Arising in Action

EMA’s global community gathers each month to actively support each-other, energize with inspiring eco-conscious music from all over the world, and celebrate Love-In-Action! 

EMA’s Online Global Action Concerts are an inspiring eco-conscious music experience that flows into a heart-connecting action planning session for local EMA Action Hubs and an epic convergence of EMA Hubs from all over the world! This enlivening event is a transformational experience of unified global community power. Our worldwide community connects all together to uplift, share ideas, envision and enact our hearts brightest visions! 

Please mark your calendar to join us each month at the EMA Global Action Concert – the 3rd weekend of every month on Sunday.

EMA Community Project Training

Our Educational Partner: Sustainable Living Guide

EMA’s partnership with The Sustainable Living Guide makes potent online training for community projects available to local EMA Action Hubs. The Sustainable Living Guide features online classes with renowned experts from around the world, youth programs and a large series of mutual aid project trainings. These unique interactive classes support people to create positive change with knowledge, skills and take-away tools for community projects.

The Sustainable Living Gude’s international team of learning designers create the classes using an advanced system custom-created by leading experts from Harvard and Brown Universities. We are so excited to be able to connect the EMA community with this stellar training resource to support your local projects. 

To support you even further, EMA is able to offer exclusive additional resources to help you as you implement the projects taught in this class series, including custom designing your own unique mutual aid projects. These documents and tools were co-created in partnership with The Sustainable Living specifically for EMA Local Action Action Hubs to give you resources to increase ease and heighten impact for your community projects. Hubs are certainly not obligated to use this series of Sustainable Living Guide classes, they were simply created to bring you a high level of support in your projects- helping you help your community! 

EMA Local Action Hubs have special access to training for your projects including:

Cooperative Neighborhood Gardens

Seed Libraries & Seed Swaps

Climate Emergency Response Mobilization

Local Food Security & Feeding Those In Need

Zero-waste Repair Fairs & Tool Libraries

Permaculture Food Forests

Free Soil Supply Sourcing

Tree Planting 

Locally Grown Food Drives

Community Herb Gardens

Watershed Care & Connection

Designing Your Own Unique Mutual Aid Projects

Co-creation & Group Dynamics 

& More!

Grants for EMA Action Hubs 

The Sustainable Living Guide’s Grant Program for 

Community Sustainability Projects by EMA Action Hubs

The Sustainable Living Guide offers Community Sustainability Project Grants for EMA Action Hubs around the world. The organization donates 20% of their membership fees and 5% of everything else they offer to this generous grant fund to help you help the world! Grant awardees are selected annually. We are so grateful for this partnership and the significant support of The Sustainable Living Guide to help us grow a thriving world for all!