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EMA is based in Austin, Texas, and residents have been without heat, water, power and passable roads for most of a week in freezing temperatures in a city with no infrastructure for extreme cold. The Eco-conscious Music Alliance is mobilizing with Mutual Aid effects to bring life-saving support to those in need, with focus on elderly and most vulnerable populations. EMA is partnering with local businesses and organizations to deliver hot meals, water, and support to our community.

Please donate now through our financial sponsor Global Revive or volunteer to help us provide vital resources to vulnerable populations in Austin.


Global Action Concerts

Livestream events that showcase inspiring eco-conscious musicians from all over the world and bring people together to take action for positive change!

3rd Weekend of Every Month!



Community Projects Around the World

Community Sustainability - Climate Action

COVID-Response -  Food Supply


Training Programs and Infrastructure Support

Online and In Person Community Organizing

Together we Rise - Join the Movement!

The Eco-conscious Music Alliance is a portal for music lovers to co-create dynamic change-making projects in their local communities and around the world.

February Global Action Concert

Join Us - February 21st, 2021

1 pm PDT / 9pm GMT

EMA’s monthly Global Action Concerts feature inspiring musicians and leaders from around the world and catalyze community sustainability projects across the globe.  At this pivotal moment on the planet, we are uniting to very literally be the change we want to see in the world. Arising together with the power of love, we choose to take action to heal our world and bring forth the future of our highest visions.

 Uplifting eco-conscious music catalyzes inspiration and action! We are working together to grow diverse community-based projects catalyzing local sustainability, COVID-response, climate action, and food supply- Join Us!

Mobilizing Music for the Wellness

of the People and the Planet

EMA brings together the transformative energy of live music, online and in person events, high-caliber training programs, socially distanced community organizing, and innovative on-the-ground projects to help heal the world! We co-create exciting projects for local sustainability, climate action, COVID-response and more.

Online Training and Support for Community Sustainability Projects


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EMA Hub can serve your community!

Community Seed Libraries Cooperative Neighborhood Gardens

Tree Planting

Permaculture Food Forests

Providing Food For Those In Need:

Create Unique Programs to Feed Your Community

Customized Mutual Aid Projects


Design locally-driven solutions to serve your community

What Does Your Community Need?

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Together, we can grow a flourishing world for all!

Do you want to be part of heart-centered solutions, help heal the Earth,    co-create community projects and enjoy epic music? 

Get involved with the Eco-conscious Music Alliance and local projects happening all over the world - be the change!

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