About EMA

Who We Are

The Eco-conscious Music Alliance (EMA) is a nonprofit organization based out of Austin, Texas channeling the power of music into change-making projects around the world. The Alliance includes a diverse coalition of musicians across all genres, music lovers, diverse businesses, nonprofits, and community groups around the world. EMA was born out of The Sustainable Living Guide, a unique online eco-hub featuring online classes with renowned authors and experts from all over the world. EMA is an extension of their service to the wellness of the people and the planet.  

Areas of Action

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Online and Live Events
Utilizing our global online platform to unite the world through music and mobilize unprecedented change-making! Cross-genre international and local online concerts, festivals, and local community events. Featuring diverse music, education, community-based sustainability projects, and catalyzing action groups for ongoing climate and sustainability solutions. Exciting collaborative and custom events.
Community Sustainability Projects
Creating, educating, supporting and collaborating on community-driven projects all over the world. On the ground eco-social solutions and climate crisis action supported both at live events and online. COVID-19 response programs to support community resilience, food security and wellness for all.
Local Action Hubs

Harnessing the unlimited power of music to create tangible positive change in our communities! Community action groups will be created and supported at events (live and online) to channel the potent energy of music into ongoing action! Activating and empowering attendees at our events and through events and organizations across the globe, EMA bring together local communities and unites people around the world in positive action.

Building a strong community of music-lovers worldwide engaging in positive solutions. Huge potential  for ambassadors, EMA pod groups around bands, community eco hubs for conscious events, and more.
Sustainability Grant Funding
Financial support and mentorship for community sustainability and resilience projects around the world.
Global Action Concerts
Monthly Global Action Concerts as part of UPLIFT’s Global Days of Unity. Amazing music from all over the world performed live and streamed online in real time to connect, inspire and transform our global community. Global Action Action Concerts  also bring local people together and directly support them to create community sustainability projects. Gathering online and, after social distancing, in person.
Aligning with musicians,  music industry leaders, businesses, Nonprofits, global change-making organizations, venues, media agencies, environmental leaders and teachers, and a world-wide community of music lovers. Innovative cross-sector projects to support the wellness of the people and the planet.
Outreach platform for musicians,  music events, sustainability projects and supporting businesses.  International promotion to an huge  value-aligned, enthusiastic audience.
Empowering communities with expert knowledge and diverse skills to grow a local sustainability and mutual aid projects. Drawing on the expertise of the Sustainable Living Guide’s worldwide network of experts. Online classes with leading authors and change-makers from around the world, as well as event-based education, experiential learning, and social media engagement provide an essential tool of transformation- knowledge!

Founder: Lisa Pavati

EMA Founder and Director Lisa Pavati has three decades of expertise creating multi-faceted sustainability programs and innovative events that engage broad-based participation, benefit all involved, and serve the world. She specializes in project designs featuring cross-sector resourcing with experts, businesses, Nonprofits, diverse community, education, music and the arts. Lisa is also a transformational facilitator and teacher, leading peak experiences for conscious events and festivals. She directed and performed with  a activist dance and expressive arts troupe that featured 100’s of musicians over the years. Her motto: Love-In-Action!


Advisory Board

Chris Decker

Founder of Earthdance International, the world’s largest synchronized music & peace event, which was held annually in over 700 locations in 60 countries around the globe every year. He is currently the events director for UPLIFT, a major global change-making org with reach of millions. Musician, artist and visionary entrepreneur, Chris has been involved in creating transformational events and festivals for over 30 years.


Lindsay Freedman

Festival production expert, attorney and mediator. Volunteer and Internship Manager for California Roots festival for 6 years, Volunteer Director for The Emerald Cup and Dry Diggings Festivals, 4 years each. Extensive experience in backstage and festival management, booking, advancing details, hiring vendors and all production and execution.

Elvie Schooley

Elvie Schooley is the Founder and program developer of Drum The Program, a Nonprofit organization in Alabama. She is a community developer who creates spaces that use the art of West African Drum and Dance as a bridge for social change. A drummer, dancer and facilitator, Elvie has held stages from Austin City Limits to Sierra Nevada World Music Festival.

Mike Molda

Mike is a livestream expert, experienced in project management, program administration, and onsite brand consulting. He is the co-owner of Creative Minds AV and on the Board of Directors of National Hip Hop Congress  As  tour manager for 2016’ Vans Warped Tour, Mike was instrumental in the launch of this organization. He coordinates and oversees events, tours, and galas from start to finish.

Heidi Little

Heidi Little is a vocalist, International award winning singer/songwriter, Self Love and Empowerment Educator, Co founder/Director of International Children’s Month, Founder of The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning. Creative projects director for WE, The World Music, and the co writer of One The message from Mother Earth. Presently covering A & R for AMG Global Texas.


Abigail Lewis

Abigail Lewis is the former Executive Director for Earthdance International, the world’s largest music peace festival, and is now in concert production with Live at the Armory in Ashland OR.  She is the Founder of Golden Rule ReEntry, a community-based, trauma-informed organization that works with people returning to the community after incarceration.

Alexis Tedford

Music and Entertainment Publicity and Marketing consultant, whose expertise includes working at the illustrious music PR firm Shore Fire Media conceptualizing and implementing highly successful media campaigns for platinum-selling musicians and Grammy-Award winning artists, Senior Vice President for NPG PR, an exclusive consultant for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

JR Hendry

JR Hendry is a songwriter and memeber of Primal Giants. Along with his musical path he has been an innovative entrepreneur, healer, and biodynamic farmer

Alex King-Harris

CEO/Co-Founder YogiTunes – a streaming music management platform for yoga studios, teachers and practitioners. Spanning 20 years in the music and wellness industries, as a multi-instrumental performer/producer and as an entrepreneur. Alex has developed deep personal and professional ties with artists, record labels, non-profits, wellness professionals and brands, festivals and conferences, with a core focus on promoting the culture of conscious music as it applies to a variety of embodiment practices and healthy lifestyle choices.